• Where Both the Job, and Price are done Right.
  • Auto Computer & Electrical Diagnostics
  • We are the largest and most highly recommended Auto Repair Shop in all of NYC
  • We specialize in the Complete Auto Detail of every vehicle.
  • Classic Restorations & Custom Designs Supercars

Our Service

Auto Repair, Auto body repair, NYS Inspection, make no difference what you go there for, the guys are experts in every field. I've seen some of the work that comes out of that place, and they do exceptionally good work.

Nicktel, 06/15/2013

Auto Repair, NYS inspection, #1 these guys are. Seriously. There skillful and quick. I have watch these guys do the most amazing things with cars. Restorations on classic cars, bio conversions and used vegetable oil. Just really cool stuff. Anyway.. these guys are best.

Peterj637, 06/03/2012

I always go to this mechanic shop for all my needs. They are friendly and knowledgeable, in my opinion. I've never had any issues with them. Very convenient location as well.

Shirley D., October 22, 2012


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